Boele - Restaurant-Dampfer 1897

Boele - Restaurant-Dampfer 1897
Werft / Hersteller:
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  • Länge:
    38.46 m
  • Breite:
    7.02 m
  • Tiefgang:
    2.00 m
  • Material:
  • Baujahr:
  • Betriebsstunden:
    3000 h
  • Gewicht:
    369194.00 kg
  • Brennstofftank:
    25000.00 l
  • Frischwassertank:
    10000.00 l
  • Fäkalientank:
    6000.00 l
  • Motoren Anzahl:
  • Motoren Modell:
    Scania DS14 (+ 2 Dampfmachinen)
  • Antrieb:
    Diesel mit Innenborder
  • ges. Leistung:
    250 kW (340 PS)
  • Nasszellen Anzahl:
Einrichtung & Aufteilung
Flybridge, Innenfahrstand, Ruderhaus, Kabine, Kühlfach, Kessel
Nautische Instrumente
komplette Nautik, Bordcomputer, Radar, Kartenplotter, Gegensprechanlage, Wetterkartenschreiber, Kompass, Wetterfunkempfänger, Windmessanlage, GPS, Bordtelefon, Grenzwellenempfänger, UKW-Funk
Dunstabzugshaube, Backofen, Spüle, Geschirrspülmaschine, Gefrierschrank, Mikrowelle, Kocher, Kühlschrank, Herd
Technische Ausrüstung
Landanschluss, Scheibenwischer, Gasspürgerät, Anker, Batterie, Suchscheinwerfer, Heck-Ankerwinde, Bugscheinwerfer, Rettungsinsel, Deckswaschanlage, Rückwärtsgang, Tankanzeige, Ölstandsanzeige, Lenkarm, Stufensitzbank, Stauraum, Geschwindigkeitsanzeige, Staudruckmesser, Betriebsstundenzähler, Einbautank, Steuerkompass, Voltmeter, Zweihebelschaltung, Lenksystem, Wegfahrsicherung, Drehzahlmesser, Klimaanlage, Bugstrahlruder
Decksluke, Hecktür zur Badeplattform, Feuerlöscher, Seereling, TV Antenne, Farbfernseher, Gangway, Radio, CD-Player, Bootskran manuell, Heizung, Dusche, Druckwasseranlage, Warmwasseranlage, Unterwasseranstrich, Teakdeck, Ruder, Gräting, Heckspiegel, Schleppbeschläge, Lenkradsteuerung, Polsterbezüge, Reparaturset, Staukasten, Lenzpumpe, Halteleinen, Windschutzscheibe, Beifahrersitz, Hecksitz, Hecksitz gepolstert, Steuerkonsole mit Sitz, Radnaben wasserdicht, Handwinde, Elektrowinde, Sliphilfe, Diebstahlsicherung, verzinkt, TÜV-geprüft

****** Verkauf im Auktion !! ******

Unique opportunity to acquire a unique historic piece!
For business purposes (restaurant, club or party boat) or private use (yacht, houseboat).
The nostalgic “Succes”; the oldest and most exclusive of its kind in Holland.
Carefully maintained, more than complete, “ready to sail & party”.

GO TO: sale-succes.jimdo(.)com * leave the () in the internet adres!
For the detailed official SALES BROCHURE with price idea, doc's, certificates, pictures etc.


The unique nostalgic antique passenger ship “Succes”, is definitely a unique item with a particularly interesting history. Built in 1897 as a steam tug, she became the oldest two propeller driven Passenger Steamship in the Netherlands after a complete rebuilt/refit from 1985 till 1994. It has been completely renovated refurbished and modernized …. and is always carefully maintained. After addition of a diesel engine (with own, third propeller), the ship sails on diesel independently from steam.

Since 1996 the owner has made the exclusive ship available for groups up to 110 passengers for hosting various business meetings and (private) parties; in principle only on average about 15 times per year, just to cover the fixed & maintenance costs. The owners aim of keeping this beautiful "sailing heritage" afloat is/was to preserve the ship as a document of the national maritime history in a not-for-profit operation.

The multipurpose “Succes” was rented for meetings, parties, as a docked restaurant, shooting location, décor/scenery for shows and crowd puller during (nautical and steam) events. Which is why the “Succes” has been part of many representative activities, movie, music and commercial recordings. With its special appearance, beautiful looks and Europe's largest steam organ on deck (be heard from many miles away), it is a real attraction. This passenger ship / party boat with rich history, is perfectly suited for day trips (there are no cabins, but also offers excellent opportunities as a (docked) catering establishment, restaurant, club, luxury yacht or houseboat.

This classic Dutch vessel (diesel engine driven - “Succes” Europe 02320848 – brandnr. 20848 B R 1993) is offered and sold as a motor vessel, “as is, where is” located in the home port “Almere” (20 min. drive from Amsterdam) in the Netherlands. From Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, it’s only a 30-min. drive.

This easy to sail ship is certified for all Dutch inland waters (zone 2 + the international river Rhine till Basel Switzerland). Interested parties have full access to all documents (mostly in Dutch), but original drawings of build/construction are lost.

The “Succes” is absolutely in a good condition and “with heart & soul” very well taken care for since 1994. With the available nautical and restaurant equipment/facilities, she is “more than complete” and absolutely ready for immediate use.

The absence of a successor and move abroad, is the one and only reason for owner to let go (t)his beauty!

PRICE .......... AUCTION !!

The ship will be sold as a motor vessel/passenger ship, incl. inventory ("as is, where is"), to the highest bidder (attribution after approval owner) during the international auction by BVA-Auctions.
Viewing days on November 21st, December 6th and 20th 2017 (viewing by appointment also possible). Until 13th of December candidates can sign up for the trial/test sail on December 20th.
Till December 27th 2017 bidding is possible (starting at € 200.0000 - excl. 21% VAT and 12.5% auction fees).
For more (current) auction information and biddings:

GO TO: sale-succes.jimdo(.)com * leave the () in the internet address!
For our detailed official SALES BROCHURE, doc's, certificates, many pictures, video's etc.


On this webside we only provide the basic information on the sale and a general description of the ship. Contact the owner with your questions and visit the special web page on the sale via this link in your browser: SALE-SUCCES.JIMBO.COM

On this, frequently updated, website you will find E.G.:

• Extensive sales brochure;
• Certificates (class, safety, registry, steam, technical), layouts, dock plan;
• Reports e.g. surveys/investigations, stability, hull thickness, rudder & shaft;
• Costs - maintenance, operating costs & revenues;
• Walkthrough 2016 (360-degrees, 3D Virtual tour);
• Pictures (recent ánd all categorized);
• Videos (short movies, promo’s, steam organ);
• History sv “Succes” anno 1897;
• Description in detail, of all areas with their inventory, machinery, equipment, tools, facilities, stocks, decoration, furniture etc.
Including technical specifications, surfaces / dimensions, used materials / finishes etc.);
• Live camera link “Succes in harbor”;
• Route planning to the “Succes” in Almere;
• Brochure(s) to download;
• Other info on ship and sale.


The ss "Succes" is a beautiful nostalgic characteristic appearance with an impressive high bow. The two-deck steel casco has a built on teak wheelhouse and teak saloon on the upper deck. There are teak benches around the saloon (adjacent to a spacious sun deck - steel) on the upper deck. Upper and lower deck are connected with 2 flights of stairs. Around the saloon on the lower deck a teak covered side walk (110 cm) with around a railing (provided with 2 entrances/exits on starboard as well as 2 on port). Below decks are holds and engine rooms. The blasted casco/hull is painted annually. Woodwork is varnished and is treated twice a year. Under water ship is treated at least once every 3 to 5 years (depending on sailing & berth circumstances): high pressure cleaning, antifouling, painting. On, and right above, the water line that’s yearly done.


The guest’s accommodations (rooms/saloons) are luxuriously furnished, comfortable and nostalgic pronounced; an exclusive warm ambiance of elegance. The "Succes" is fully equipped with central heating (plate radiators and convectors) and both saloons are equipped with Carrier air conditioning units, teak floors with narrow ash strips, wood paneling to the exposed beams and brass support poles. The indoor area can be divided into a wheelhouse, upper saloon (with bar and sun deck) on the upper deck, entrance and saloon below (with bar and covered sidewalk). From the entrance (hall) with cloakroom and toilet groups, runs a passage (with cupboard space) to the saloon below. Adjacent to the hall there is the kitchen with underneath it a technical area (with central heating boiler, bow propeller/bow thruster, 2 generators, shore power, various electrical installations) and the storage room (incl. stocks and crew dressing room with shower and sink.
The upper and lower saloons are centrally connected by a mezzanine level and short spiral staircase making them a unit. The room (under the mezzanine level) contains a walkable glass (dance) floor so one can see the steam machines downstairs in the hold. There are 5 waterproof compartments below deck; drinking water tank in the peak, technique area and storage room under the kitchen, steam boiler room (with adjacent fuel bunker, bilge tank and 2 storage spaces), steam engine room and engine room with main diesel engine.


Model : VINTAGE STEAMSHIP (former steam tug rebuild as saloon boat)
Type : motor yacht (diesel motor vessel – passenger day ship – party/restaurant ship)
Type – remarks : ship will be sold as a diesel engine driven motor vessel, passenger ship
Year built / built no. : Built in 1896 (number: 393) - launched in 1897 and named “Succes”
Builder : Fa. Weduwe Boele (NL) - P. Boele & sons, Slikkerveer, Holland
Country : the Netherlands
Registration ship : Rotterdam, branded with no. 20848 BR 1993
Certificate - registry : valid till November 23rd 2019 - reg.# H-N-3568
Europe number : 02320848
Certificate - maritime : valid till Nov. 19th 2018 – reg.# SI 6299 R (last survey 11-19’13)
Certified / Class : Dutch inland waters (Zone 2) + Rhine till Basel (Switzerland)
Certified / Capacity : 10 passengers + nautical & catering crew
Certificate - steam sailing : valid till January 2019 - reg.#: 298090042
Registration steam boiler boiler book #: K22488 (team boiler built by Biesbosch 1931, 15.000m2)

LOA (m) : 38,46
Beam (m) – overall width : 7,02 (incl. loose fenders 7.15 - excl. fenders and fixed steel wood fender 6,70)
Draft (m) : 1,95 minimum – average 2,10 – max. depth approved fully loaded 2,25
Air draft (m, average) : 7,75 (with funnel & masts down, easy to handle manually) – max. 11,75
Height entrance (m) : 1,35 height of entry (sidewalk) above water surface (at a depth of 2m)
Freeboard (m) : between 1,18 and 1.45 depending on ballast (more possible when closing hatches)
Displacement (kg) : 369.194 kg water displacement
Superstructure : steel
Hull material : steel - strong internal structure frame – av. thickness hull far above min. of 4,2mm
Hull compartmentation : watertight transverse bulkheads 6 compartments (incl. drinking water tank in peak)
Hull color : white (black: under/on/above water line)
Antifouling (year) : 12-2013 high pressure cleaning and new primer and antifouling
Deck material : lower deck = teak * Deck finish upper deck = paint
Portholes : steel, bronze
Windows : wooden frames with safety glass (life hammers to crush are always near)
Ships drawings : construction drawings and electricity plans have been lost
Ships schemes & plans : electrical schemes and simple floorplans are still available


Fuel tank - steel : 22,000 liters - level indicator (measuring glass, overflow alarm)
Fuel day tank - steel : 5,000 liters - level indicator (measuring glass, high & low-level alarm)
Black water (bilge) - steel : 6,000 liters (easily raised to 22.000L of bilge/(oil)contaminated water) + pump
Bilge alarm & pump : alarms and portable electric bilge (submersible) pumps (in all compartments)
Grey water tank – steel : 6.000 liters (disposal water sinks, dishwasher, toilets) + 2x pump + float switch
Drinking water tank - steel : 10.000 liters – in peak
Water supply : drinking water in tank (+ water pump) * outboard water pumped up to flush toilets, deck wash & fire hydrants
Wheel steering : inside helm position – independent manual, electric and steam powered steering
Steering system : wheel > chain > rudder shaft > quadrant > rudder stock > single steer sheet
Bow thruster steering : propeller + 360 degrees jet (new “gearbox” 2011) + diesel engine + joystick remote
Bow thruster sailing : approved emergency propulsion (speed max. 6 km/hr – 3 knots)
Anchors : bow (2x 850 kg) with 50m of chain each – electric winch upper deck
Ships cable (ropes) : in accordance requirements marine cert. (1x75m+1x20m certified hawsers) + at least 3x rope (60m, 40m, 20 m) + reserve ropes and cables


Engines – propulsion diesel : 1x Scania DS14-2 02A04 (V8) – 340 hp/249,9 kw (1800 Rpm) – box cooler
Engine hours : 8600 (1-1-2017) – 3.000 hrs. since revision 2004
Speed km/knp : 8,6/16 max * 7,6/14 cruising speed
Consumption (diesel L/hr) : 30-50 depending on circumstances and speed
Drive : shaft (auto lubricated) + bronze propeller 4 blades
Gearbox, reversing clutch : Capitol HYC 7700 (4:1) - 3.000 hours after revision 2004
Bow thruster system : propeller + 360 degrees bow jet + diesel engine + joystick remote
Bow thruster engine : Van Wijk bow jet (gearbox 2011) with V6 diesel (DAF DKA 1160, 162Kw/220Hp)
Generator set : 2x 60KVA Stamford power units (7,750 running hours each on 1-1-2017)
Generator engine : 2x Perkins 4 cyl. diesel engine - 46KW/63hp, 1500 rpm (7,750 hours on 1-1-‘17)
Shore power : 380/400V
Power supply ship : 380V + 220V + 110V (converters available)
Battery power station : 24V emergency power and lighting) + 24V batteries on all diesel engines
Extra : 15 m3 Steam boiler Biesbosch 1931, with 2 Elco diesel burners

NAVIGATION on the bridge / in the wheelhouse:

Operating mode : minimum of 1x qualified captain + 1x sailor are required to sail in the Netherlands
Steering main : antique Donkin & Co inside wheel stand (manual or electric with joystick)
Steering help : bow thruster with remote control (joystick)
Compass compensated : Observator 8898 on ceiling – revised with certificate Aug. 2012 (antique, bronze, 17,5 cm card, liquid)
Compass backup : Bergen Nautic helmet lifeboat compass – revised, certificate Aug. 2012 (brass helmet, antique, 10 cm card, liquid)
Compass GPS : Available on navigation monitor and the AIS
AIS : L3 Protect-W 2010 – certificate 2010
Rate-Of-Turn Indicator : EBF01– certificate 2010
Radar : color raster scan - Swiss JFS 364C, 2007 – certificate 2010
VHF radio : 2x Sailor TF144
Navigation plotter/GPS : touch panel all-in-one windows PC with usb gps
Note on plotter : navigation software, charts and route planner (license owner) will be removed
Others on the bridge : switches/buttons to operate equipment not mentioned above e.g.: - navigation lights – windscreen wipers - electric blue shield - bow thruster - propulsion engine - reverse clutch - alarm systems (fire, emergency, evacuation, bilge, engines etc.) - portable radio - public address system - air horn - touch screen computer - radio-cd - weather station - steam whistles


Rescue / safety equipment : all available, at least in accordance with requirements marine certificate
Safety plans (international) : floorplans with emergency instructions, escape routes, safety equipment etc.
Life jackets passengers : in cupboard upper deck for 110 passengers + 10 children
Life jackets crew : on bridge, in bars and kitchen: 11x automatic life jackets
Alarm installation : fire, general and nautical alarms for passengers, crew and captain
Alarm operation : manual (e.g. evacuation, emergency) and automatic (e.g. smoke and bilge)
Alarm system - fire : automatic for fire: Siemens FC10-12A unit with smoke detectors
Alarm system - emergency : manual for emergency & evacuation: FC10-04E with hand detectors
Alarm system - nautical : all prescribed ships safety alarms like bilge, water tight doors, emergency
Firefighting - extinguishers : 13x foam, 1x fryer, 1x blanket, 4x hose (1x reel, 3x simple hose), 4x hydrant
Emergency - procedures : safety procedures available (fire, man-over-board, evacuation, sinking)
Emergency - lighting : torches and emergency lighting (battery) throughout the ship
Emergency - others : exit signs, public address system, emergency & first aid instruction panels
Dinghy : dinghy (steel, 3,5m) with outboard Mercury (4Hp, 4-stroke) with davit (electric winch)

ACCOMMODATION (app. 150 sqm internal):

Capacity (approved) : 110 passengers + nautical & catering crew (comfortable in or outside)
Guest areas/accomm. : entrance hall, sanitary, corridor, saloon lower deck with bar, sidewalk en stairs to saloon upper deck with bar and sun deck, sitting & walking area upper deck
Cabins / Berths : 0 / 0
Toilets : 2x toilet units (ladies/gents separate: 2 urinals + 3 toilet bowls + 1 crew toilet)
Interior, floor work : teak (on the bridge steel + carpet)
Aft deck (lower deck) : teak
Sun deck (upper deck) : steel, painted
Sidewalk : teak
Air-conditioning : 3 units (Carrier)
Heating : Buderus central heating (boiler with automatic ABIG diesel burner), with plate radiators everywhere. In salons, also convectors and airco units

KITCHEN Galley (app. 20 sqm):

Sink : with faucet (hot & cold running water) and hand shower
Cooking wall (380/400V) : Zanussi: 6 hot plates, double frying pan, extraction hood (+ control unit and light)
Dishwasher : prof. ‘basket passing’ machine (Meiko DV80-2) + pre-rinsing and (un)loading area
Oven : convection oven / steamer (Rational CM6)
Worktables : stainless steel, good lighting everywhere
Microwave : yes
Fridge: large walk-in refrigerator
Freezer : yes; 1 high model, 1 low smaller type
Ice maker : yes
Coffee maker : yes
Crockery: yes
For cooking meals : everything (!) to store, prepare, heat, cool, serve (buffet of on plate)
Others e.g. : storage and dressing room with shower and sink, cupboards, thermos boxes, contact grill, slicer, food processor/blender, small equipment, knives, pans etc.


Restaurant facilities: on upper and lower deck, 2x salon with 2x well equipped bars
Bars : 2x, with coolers/fridges, beer tap, glasses, shelves for bottles and glasses, sink etc.
Guest areas major : chairs, tables, build in Chesterfield sitting corners, grand wing, music system, buffet
Guest areas services : everything (!) to store, serve meals and drinks
Others e.g.: touch panel windows PC, also for music software (not included) and operating the steam organ, lots of decoration material (antiques, ceramic, brass)